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The Güstrower Inselsee with “Schöninsel” and the Heidberge are a popular local recreation destination for locals and guests of the Barlachstadt. Along the island lake there are diverse and entertaining excursion destinations for active and relaxed people, for water lovers and land goers, for explorers and connoisseurs. Whether cycling, hiking, paddling, fishing or a boat tour, on a first-name basis with wolves and bears - you are always in the middle of nature. Fishing enthusiasts will also get their money's worth; the island lake is home to a particularly large number of pike, perch and catfish. Enter the variety of island lake experiences and enjoy your vacation.

Various festivals, theater evenings, concerts and speedway also attract many visitors. There is always something going on in Güstrow...


Heidberg 1
18273 Güstrow

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+49 3843 850 - 0